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During COVID-19 our lives have changed and adapted to new circumstances, rules and ways of life. Many people have seen best-laid plans and life visions completely altered.

We’ve been thinking about the impact the pandemic has had on people at the junction of big life moments (including finishing year 6, 11, 13 and University).

Summer is so often the time of new milestones and experiences in our lives.

Here at Contact we want to preserve and share stories of Lost Summers, and we would love to hear yours. You can be any age and be from anywhere in the country (or world).

You can use our prompts to inspire your own work or projects, but if you’d like to be a part of ours, we plan to feature some stories in a series of podcasts later this year.

How you can get involved

Contact are seeking Lost Summer Stories that respond to either of the two categories: 

  • Your Lost Summer of 2020 – this could be the plans you had that now won’t happen or are different. It could be things you hoped, expected or even just dreamed would happen. You can write about this as though it is happening, or in reflection.
  • Memories of a previous Lost Summer – feel free to interpret ‘Lost Summer’ in both positive and negative ways – e.g. a lost Summer due to going to festivals, or traveling abroad, could be a good experience!

We want to offer as much creative freedom as possible, and we are very interested in how you respond. Feel free to frame your submission however you want. Perhaps this is as a letter to a lost summer. Maybe a poem, a song, a piece presented in an article, or opinion style. Or a style we haven’t even thought of! 

Get inspired

Check out some fantastic examples of Lost Summer Stories below.

Tom Bass

Listen to Tom’s story below.

Read Tom Bass’s story here.

Hannah Weiner

Listen to Hannah’s story below.

Read Hannah Weiner’s story here.


Listen to SAF-S2E’s story below.

Read Saf’s story here.


Some of our Level Up participants have responded in musical form!

Listen to Imagination produced by Channell featuring 2b.Frank

Read the lyrics here.

Ergon Theatre have recorded a short audio drama imagining summer now versus possible summers in the future.


  • You respond to one of the two categories (as above-i.e. writing about a real lost summer, or an imagined one). 
  • Your submission is under 1000 words (any length under that is fine- 2 paragraphs is as valuable as an essay.) Or that the piece is under 8 minutes if recorded.  

You can submit your Lost Summer response, as a written, audio recorded, or filmed piece.  

The deadline to send your submissions is: Monday 14 September. 

Please send a submission form to Roxy, Creative Producer, 

You can download the submission form here.

The Lost Summer Submission Form

If you had any questions or need the submission form in an alternative format, please email: Roxy, Creative Producer, 

Please note if you are sending a large audio/ film file you may need to use We Transfer or Dropbox. Please send this to and state your name, age and contact number in the message you send. 

Three Illustrated people surrounded but objects including wellies, a microphone and a pride flag. Logo reads The Lost Summer

The illustration for The Lost Summer is by our Leadership Projects Co-ordinator Rose Sergent. Rose also runs Drawn Poorly, which provides arts opportunities focused on chronic illness, disability and mental health conditions. You can join the Drawn Poorly social group on Facebook here.