Web Accessibility

We want everyone to be able to use our website, so please tell us if you can’t and we’ll work to fix it: boxoffice@contactmcr.com

We always make sure that:

  • information is presented in a logical order
  • the website works without CSS or images
  • you can reach and use every part of the site without a mouse
  • you can resize the text (Find out more about browser controls on the BBC website.)

Technically speaking, we try to match the DOM to the Accessibility Tree and communicate changes on the page to screen readers. Let us know if something is not getting through and we’ll work to fix it.

We describe our content with ARIA where it seems useful. Let us know what we could do better.

We look to the w3 Web Standards for Accessibility (sometimes called WCAG 2.1) to guide us, but if there’s something more – or different – we can do, we’d love to know about it.

To learn more about web accessibility, learn more from our site developers Supercool at this link here. They've created a collection of handy tips, and links to useful accessibility resources and tools.