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Get stuck into our Q&A with Movement Director Aiden Crawford + Cast Member Sky Frances from Outbox's upcoming show GROOVE

Created by the critically acclaimed OUTBOX – whose work blurs boundaries, disrupts, challenges and delights – GROOVE features a fierce and mighty cast of intergenerational dancers and actors moving to the pulsing music and shimmering lights.

Get stuck into the behind-the-scenes action of GROOVE below!👇

Why did Outbox Theatre decide to create Groove?

AIDEN: “We wanted to start a cross-generational conversation and explore how we learn our queer history. So many of our first steps into being queer and queer culture happened in clubs and bars and many times we were taken in and shown the ropes by someone that had trodden the path before us. We wanted to highlight and celebrate these relationships. We also just really wanted to dance and spread a much-needed dose of queer joy and fun.”

Sky in Week 1 of rehearsals (Jacob Seelochan & Sky Frances)

What is your aim by showcasing intergenerational dancers and actors?

SKY: “I don’t think we often get to see much work where intergenerational performers can just exist together. I think, at the core, we are highlighting the importance of spaces where everyone can feel safe and accepted. We are allowed to bring whatever we have and whatever we are and use it to create a piece together. There is also a great joy from being able to learn and even just chat to one another, learning from whatever life experience each individual has to offer.”

Where are the stories and testimonies that Outbox is exploring from?

AIDEN: “We have a diverse group of cast and creatives who all have exciting and personal stories to tell so we are pulling from the varied voices in the room. We’ve also had a few talks from people immersed within clubs and queer histories to give a rounder picture of the world which we are working within.”

Sky in Week 2 of rehearsals (L-R) Jacob Seelochan, Lavinia Co-op, Sky Frances, A. de Castro, Barry Fitzgerald

What can the audience expect from the show?

SKY: “A GREAT TIME! They can expect to go on a full experience and see lots. I hope the audience feel lots of different things, in whatever way they choose. They can also expect dancing, nightlife and incredible queer people.”

And finally, why the dancefloor?

SKY: “The dancefloor is a place of true history for our community and it’s so important to keep that going. I love a boogie and queer people, so this is simply a dream. So much happens on a dancefloor, so why not play and party on it.”

AIDEN: “To me the dancefloor is the place where I feel most connected to people and I think it’s the place where I get to explore and be my queerest self. It’s where communities are built and relationships are made. I also just love to dance so I will find a dancefloor anywhere. I’m excited for our dancefloor to come to Manchester and add to the great queer dancefloors the city has. If only for a few days. It’s great to get to celebrate the queer community and party in the city I’m lucky enough to call home.”

Aiden workshops movement with the cast in rehearsals (Centre group: Fraser Buchanan, A. de Castro, Lavinia Co-op, Kim Tatum, Sky Frances, Jacob Seelochan | Right: Aiden Crawford)

Aiden workshops movement with the cast in rehearsals (Centre group: Fraser Buchanan, A. de Castro, Lavinia Co-op, Kim Tatum, Sky Frances, Jacob Seelochan | Right: Aiden Crawford)


GROOVE is a brand new performance exploring the dance floor as a place of protest, identity, belonging and desire, embracing what it means to be queer, then, now, and in the future.

Catch the show at Contact in October 2022, from Weds 5 – Friday 7 at 7.30pm.

Secure your tickets at this link here.