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One small letter has the power to make a change

Human Rights Tattoo is tattooing the Universal Declaration of Human Rights on 6773 people around the world. One character – one person.

And we were delighted to host it coming to the UK for the first time!

This Declaration, starting with 'All human beings are born free and equal’ defines the moral principles of being human in 30 articles, containing 6773 letters. Together this tattooed community will carry this Declaration throughout their lives, for a lifetime.

There was also a fabulous art exhibition provided by RFK Foundation.

Each artwork quoted part of the Human Rights and these could be spotted all around the Contact building on the day.

We were also honoured to partner with Art With Heart on the day, who supported us to bring Human Rights Tattoo to the UK, as well as hosting listening stations for their podcast across the building.

a beige wall of artwork exhibited in a straight line

For some participants, this was their first ever tattoo which was also the case for our Chair of Board, Ali Wilson - what a great first one to have, and what a gorgeous meaning behind a tattoo!

Follow the project and see what country it goes to next by following their socials!