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Update – Forest of Forgotten Discos! is back in online form as a festive family dance party. Beaming straight to your homes with two performances on Saturday 5 December (plus a schools performance Friday 4 December). Tickets are £10 per family (£7.50 conc/NHS staff/keyworkers). Head here to book now.

The Forest of Forgotten Discos! is a relaxed children’s production, written by Jackie Hagan and directed by Nickie Miles-Wildin. It explores ideas of different family units and themes of acceptance. The piece integrates creative sign language performed by the actors, and audio description throughout.

There is a mystery in the forest – everyone has forgotten about dancing and bright lights and disco. Even Alexa – the virtual assistant from the Amazon Rainforest – can’t tell us why.

Meet Bear Hug, a creaky bear with a secret. Bear Minimum has a higgledy piggledy bedroom she can’t keep clean. Bear Grills just can’t keep his head cool.

Until one day, Red (who is 9 and scared of nothing!) explodes on to the scene, changing the bears’ lives forever.

    The Forest of Forgotten Discos! is meticulously inclusive. It acknowledges families of all shapes and sizes, while its creative signing makes it accessible to D/deaf audiences.

    The Stage

      It was the most inclusive event we have ever attended — the children were overjoyed to see all the characters signing throughout the play.

      Teacher, Alma Park Primary School


      Produced by Contact
      Written by Jackie Hagan
      Directed by Nickie Miles-Wildin
      Presented by Contact and Hope Mill Theatre

      Illustration by Laura Skilbeck
      Production photos by Lee Baxter

      • Lee Baxter
      • Lee Baxter
      • Lee Baxter
      • Lee Baxter