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Contact Young Company worked with young creatives from Battersea Arts Centre’s Homegrown Company, collaborating with David Cumming (Kill the Beast) and Jess Thom (Touretteshero) to explore issues around accessibility in a post-Brexit society.

This is Britain’s Spring. It’s a new dawn and the sun is rising… just, no-one knows the landscape it’s about to shine on. One thing is for sure – everything is Ramping Up.

Having inherited a future they don’t necessarily want, in a country fragmented by beliefs and paralysed by confusion, what do the next generation have to say about this mess we’re all in? What barriers, invisible or otherwise, exist in their lives and is Brexit affecting them for better or worse? Now their lives are in the hands of clowns, what should our young people do? Laugh? Cry? Or fight?

Ramping Up premiered in 2018 at Battersea Arts Centre’s Homegrown Festival before heading to The Bread Shed in Manchester.


Directed by David Cumming (Kill the Beast).
Produced by Contact and Battersea Arts Centre.

Creative Instigator: Jess Thom
Associate Director: Eleanor Henderson
Sound Designer / Assistant Artist: Bonnie Schwarz
Stage Manager: Rosey Lock
Supporting Artists: Jackie Hagan & Nickie Miles-Wildin
Visiting Artist: Robin Sukatorn
Special Thanks to: The Lowry, Extant, Mark Croasdale and Matthew Pountney

BAC Producer: Fiona Sowole
Contact Theatre Producer: Keisha Thompson

Image credit: Joyce Nicholls