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Contact Young Company, an ensemble made up of young performers, writers, and poets, worked with DEGASTEN to answer this question presented by SICK! Festival.
In various discussions it became apparent that value is measured with milestones. But the traditional milestones for this generation represent pressure, lack of trust, unwellness… Hence the title, coined by our young cast member, Fikayo.

In August the group did a series of workshops with lead artist, Briget Fiske and assistant artist, Miray Sidhom. They also went to a series of shows and inspiring guest artists sessions.

We all wanted to make sure the young artists understood that the process is as valuable as the outcome – the actual performance.
Now we want to share our process with you. We have made a playground where we together with the audience can explore the shaky foundations and mechanisms of human trust against the background of current crises.

‘Am I running away from what stands before me?
Do the lies in my smile give away?
Does reclusiveness ever get detected as social anxiety?
Is my world even safe?
I’d like to let you know I never make promises, they’re there to be broken, that’s to me and those around
Trust would be enigmatic if it was a person, wouldn’t it?’ Kofi Gyamfi


Devised and performed by Contact Young Company
Directors: Elike Roovers & Rutger Esajas
Lead Artist: Bridget Fiske
Assistant Artist: Miray Sidhom
Soundscape: DJ Lovesupreme
Stage Manager: Alyssa Watts
Visiting Artists: Debs Gatenby, Darren Pritchard and James Monaghan
Young People’s Producer: Keisha Thompson

Contact Young Company would like to thank: Martin Harris Centre, HOME, Z-Arts, Morning Gloryville, Chloe Courtney, Yard Theatre, Sénami Awunou, Rio Boothe and Sandeep Ranote.