Contact offers various access provisions to ensure that you have the best experience possible during your visit!

Contact's castle-like exterior with bright blue skies surrounding it
  • We offer a range of access performances. Please see individual show details for further information.
  • Our Box Office and Bar and Cafe are situated on the Ground Floor and step-free.
  • Lift access and accessible toilet facilities are available throughout the building.
Ground floorFoyer with cafe/bar box office / reception, lift, male toilets, female toilets, accessible toilets, and baby changing. Performance space 0. Performance space 1, with accessible toilets.

Access Provisions at Contact

Access Parking

If you require an access parking space please contact our Box Office team on or 0161 274 0600.

Wheelchair Access
  • All of our performance spaces have wheelchair access.
  • Wheelchair spaces are available across all performances.
Induction Hearing Loop

Our Space 1 auditorium is equipped with an induction hearing loop.

  • We offer complimentary tickets for personal assistants.
  • We accept babes in arms. Children who can sit in their own seat unaided should have a paid-for ticket.
Contact's Dog Policy

Contact is committed to being an inclusive organisation, and recognises the vital role that Assistance Dogs and registered Emotional Support Dogs play in ensuring their owners are able to access and enjoy our venue.

  • Assistance Dogs are permitted into the performance spaces at Contact.
  • We permit registered Emotional Support Dogs into our performance spaces on a case-by-case basis.
  • All dogs are welcome in public spaces throughout the building.

Contact reserves the right to request the removal of a dog from a performance space or the premises if the welfare of staff and visitors is at risk, or the animal is causing disruption.

Our Seating Measurements

Space 1
  • Our central seating bank chairs are 50.5cm wide with immovable armrests that are shared with the seats on either side. There is 28cm depth of legroom.
  • Our boxes, which line either side of the auditorium, are 208cm wide, have no armrests, and have 44cm depth of legroom. These are sold as seats for 3 people, which allows 69cm width for each person.
Space 2
  • The chairs are 39.9 cm wide each, have no armrests, and have 53.3cm depth of legroom.
  • The chairs on the front row can be moved to accommodate wheelchairs.
Contact Us About Seating

If the seats aren’t appropriate for you, please contact us and we can explore options available to ensure that you are able to see the show.

Please see images of our seating below.