Food & Drink

ARMR Café and Kitchen have taken up residence at Contact!

ARMR will be bringing fresh authentic, plant-based Caribbean food to Contact audiences and visitors. Full of heart and soul, think jackfruit burgers, warming curries and Jamaican classics.

ARMR Café and Kitchen is open to the public Tuesday - Saturday, 10am - 4pm, and until 6.30pm on show days. Booking is not required.

Click here for more information on Contact's opening hours.

Check out ARMR's menu!

Breakfast (10am - 11:30am)

Quinoa Porridge Warm organic quinoa, oat milk, topped with cherries, candied walnuts, pumpkin seeds, dates£5.95
Loaded SourdoughAvocado & pan fried oyster mushrooms (Add roasted beetroot & scotch bonnet hummus for £1.95)£6.50

Lunch (12pm - 3pm)

Curried Chickpeas Organic chickpeas spiced with ginger, garlic, coriander & scotch bonnet chilli, cooked down with fresh tomatoes, coconut milk & coconut cream, served w/ rice & gungo peas£7.50
Red Lentil & Potato StewLentils slow cooked in smoked paprika, jollof spices, in a thick tomato & herb sauce£7.50
Crispy Jackfruit WrapFried JF pieces coated in secret spices, served w/ fries, chargrilled wrap, fresh salad, red onion & key lime cream£7.95
Jerk BBQ Oyster Mushroom WrapRoasted jerk spiced mushrooms, fresh salad jerk BBQ sauce, garlic mayo served w/ fries£7.95


Coated Plantain£3.50
Seasoned Fries£3.95
Curried Ackee & Potato Spring Rolls £4.50
House Slaw£2.50
Bonnet & Bell Pepper Fritters£4.50


Espresso (DBL)£2.23
Americano £2.95
Flat White £3.15
Hot Chocolate £3.50


Earl Grey£2.50
English Breakfast£2.50
Darjeeling £2.50
Moroccan Mint£2.75
Lemon & Ginger£2.50
Yunnan Green Tea£2.50
Soursop Tea£2.75
Moringa Tea£2.75
Sorrel & Ginger Tea £2.75
All teas can be iced with agave or honey +25p


GreenSpinach, mango, ginger, cold pressed pineapple juice£4.50
PurpleAcai, blueberry, banana, almond milk£4.50
RedPink apple, strawberry, vanilla yogurt & coconut milk£4.50
Add OnsMushroom blend, sea moss, vitamin C£1 each


Lions Mane £3.95
Vanilla Matcha, Tumeric & Ashwaganda Latte £3.95
Chai Latte£3.50
Ceremonial Grade Cacao£3.95
Peppermint Mocha Latte£3.95