About SICK! Festival: SMASH! OPEN - Create Your Own Access Rider

Vijay Patel of Brotherly, Otherly, Disorderly, presented as part of SICK! Festival 2024, leads this workshop on creating access riders (a document that communicates your access requirements). This session is open to all, including d/Deaf, disabled and neurodivergent people. Anyone who needs adjustments in the workplace, including for long covid, period pain, perimenopause/menopause symptoms and more.

Vijay will cover a range of areas including how to identify your access requirements and how to design an access rider that fits you.

This event is being presented as part of SICK! Festival’s SMASH! OPEN programme. An introduction to our SMASH! year-round mental health arts programme which aims to help to improve how you feel and provide opportunities to meet others facing similar challenges.

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