About Manchester Independents Double Bill: SEE ME and Kao Hove

Experience two R+D performances by Manchester artists SEEME and Kao Hove.

When We Were by SEEME

When we were…

Wading through lost futures and fractured pasts.

She, woman, her past/present/future. Drifting or drowning, in a stream of actions and words, most of which are hers, or at least they were.

She finds reflections of her Self in the River Goddess, the image of wholeness.

Not quite a dream, not quite a memory. A haunting from the future.

But soaked to the soul in sweet-water she attempts to re-enchant the earth. A drop at a time.

When we were…(research and develop showing) is an Improvisational wave of movement, myth, sound and film.

Performed by SEEME (Seren Marimba and Meme Gold)

Written and directed by Seren Marimba

With an original soundtrack from Aether Awe/ MC Buzz B, SEEME & Meme Gold

Costumes by Meme Gold & SEEME

Bellybutton & Masquerade; Forgotten Flames of Unlit Candles by Kao Hove

Kao always loved their birthday. They love it so much, they decided to die and get a new one.

Just kidding, after a stint in a mental hospital and rehabilitation programme, their brother wrote them a letter referring to it as their “phoenix moment”. Since then they decided to be born again, and again and again and again and mark it as their birthday.

As Kao is a sober neuroqueer person living with mental health complexities, Bellybutton & Masquerade; Forgotten Flames of Unlit Candles is a story about self-discovery, development, sobriety, disability, mental illness, wellness and identity.

Access and Content Warnings

  • Please note, this event will be a dry space.
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Commissioned by Manchester Independents.

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