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BOOM BOOM BOOM BOOM! I want you in my room! - Vengaboys

For TRANS JOY NOW! BEDROOM EDITION, four trans artists invite you into their shared bedroom. Cleo Mace, Ellie Holt, Eva Lewis, and Jova, have worked together to create a fully shared bedroom space that expresses what it means for them to live in TRANS JOY, NOW, in their bedrooms. All are welcome.

They want to share that joy with you, on Saturday, the 3rd of June, from 2PM to 5PM.

Bedrooms are spaces of intimacy and sanctuary. We spend so much of our lives in our bedrooms. The bedrooms we create tell the story of us back to us, and to anyone we invite into that space. The bedroom is a space where TRANS JOY is to be expected, if not demanded, NOW.

TRANS JOY NOW! BEDROOM EDITION is an interactive installation where you are invited to hang out, get comfy; to talk to us or each other, or talk to nobody at all, about everything and nothing; to get the lighting just as you want it; to rest; to write things; to read things; to make things; to decide how you'll look and who you'll be today, tomorrow, in five years time; to fantasise. Bedrooms are a story we live in. Would you live in us, with us? If you do, will you take off your shoes? What will you bring with you? What will you take away? What will you leave behind?

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Image Credit: Rudy @transrebelcowboy

Access and Further Information


A note on access: this project has been developed from an access-first perspective. As a project comprised of multiple neurodivergent artists, we've tried to make the space as calm and safe as possible. If you have any questions or concerns about access, please contact Frankie at

Further Information

TRANS JOY NOW! is a new project developed by Frankie Blaus in partnership with Contact through their long-running Future Fires scheme. In a world obsessed with trans trauma, TRANS JOY NOW! aims to create and showcase TRANS JOY, NOW! through collaborative art making workshops run by trans people for trans people in Greater Manchester.