News Story

Read more about Contact's NPO outcome and our plans for the next three years.

Keisha Thompson sat on the edge of the stage with members of the Contact staff team chatting behind her

We are thrilled to have been successful in our application for NPO funding for the next 3 years.

This investment will allow Contact to continue to support young people, local artists and various audiences to enjoy culture and stay connected. We are proud to say that our work allows people to process what is happening in the world; improve their social, mental, emotional and physical health; and make changes in their communities. All things that are more vital now than ever.

Our focus will be on connecting with the education sector, promoting climate confidence and striving to champion intersectionality and representing those with protected characteristics and those from working-class backgrounds. This will also tap into us being more expansive about the art forms we use including digital and non-arts platforms.

We know that not everyone will be in the same boat as us, so we are keen to explore partnerships and be forward-thinking about how this new landscape can work to serve us all. We will help to maintain the world-class cultural sector of England by upholding the Investment Programme. This is the time to truly demonstrate inclusion with care and intention, particularly for those who have previously been under-served.

This is Art Council England’s most over-subscribed investment round to date so we are very grateful to ACE for recognising the importance of the work we do and the communities we support.



Keisha Thompson | Artistic Director and CEO, Contact