About Yupumá

We invite you to an exclusive pre-premier screening of Yupumá, a film set in the Brazilian Amazon rainforest by Verónica Castro with the collaboration of Kawá Huni Kuin, a tribesman from the Brazilian Amazon rainforest.

This event is part of a fundraising event for the INVOKE THE POWER OF THE VEGETABLES campaign towards building a school in the Brazilian Amazon rainforest this year.

Following the film screening, we will have a Q&A with Verónica and Kawá and a musical showcase by musician and tribesman Kawá Huni Kuin and his sister Bimi Huni Kuin.

The donation for this event is £40 (minimum). Please donate to your ability for these precious Indigenous teachings. All proceeds from the event support will go towards building a school in Kawa's village in the rainforest.

There will also be a lovely selection of beautiful Indigenous crafts, ceremonial jewellery and supplies available to purchase, so please bring extra cash.

Full details of the event can be found here

Dates & times