A black and white portrait of Shakespeare surrounded by masked figures with colourful graffiti splodges all over him. Text reads who the eff is Shakespeare. We're adding to the story giving you all the gory details.

About Who the F--K is Shakespeare?

Following a sell-out run, four of Shakespeare’s (in)famous characters are back for a national tour, ready to tell their side of the story.

Join them as they blow the dust off the classics to stage a multi-art form political occupation of stories steeped in racism, patriarchy and violence.

Armed with punchy verses, punky attitudes, and whole lotta wit - let's rip out the pages, raise the roof, and rise up!

“We’re adding to the story, giving you all the gory details.”

Written and directed by Ameera Conrad, who the f--k is shakespeare? is supported by Unity Theatre, Arts Council England, Paul Hamlyn Foundation, Granada Foundation, The Coutts Foundation, John Ellerman Foundation, and Liverpool City Council.

Dates & times

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