About What They Can't See

‘What They Can’t See’ is a play based on living under two cultures. A young girl lives in a house that is alive and one day a stranger comes in through her window, exposing her to the outside world. It uses magical realism inspired by Filipino folklore as the house is brought to life through imagery to pose the question:

What makes a House a Home?

This coming-of-age style play explores the protagonist’s relationship with her home (where she immigrated to) and heritage (where her family comes from), painting a powerful image of the reality faced by immigrants.

Written and directed by Linnae Abraham, ‘What They Can’t See’ champions BIPOC and LGBTQ communities, exploring themes of multiculturalism and intergenerational trauma. The play runs as part of the UMDS MIFTA season, and is based on their own experience navigating the two identities as she grew up in the UK in a Filipino immigrant household.

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