About Miz Cracker - A Brief History Of The Entire World... and also me!

Miz Cracker is bringing her latest comedy show “Miz Cracker: A Brief History of the Entire World... and Also Me!” to the United Kingdom!

Her performance offers a queer twist on world history, blending comedy, dance, and drag. With over a million global fans, Miz Cracker’s humour and unique talents have found audiences through live shows, YouTube content, and engaging articles for esteemed publications.

In this fresh production, “A Brief History of the Entire World... and Also Me!”, the RuPaul’s Drag Race star playfully narrates human history using jump-splits, dad jokes, slapstick, and a touch of gossip. From ancient myths to current politics, Miz Cracker humorously navigates it all, including herself.

As a New York City drag queen, writer, and advocate, she’s a vocal champion of women’s rights and hosts the podcast She’s a Woman, spotlighting incredible women’s tales.

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