About Itch that Scratch Night

A brand new multi disciplinary feminist evening of creative works in progress. Scratch some creative itches with us as an audience member, collaborator or commentator. Expect unfinished, unready and exciting work from artists of all flavours and varieties.

This is a community call to action, reminding you that the problem is capitalism and that your creativity cannot be controlled… It itches and it must be scratched!

This will be a community centred and supportive evening that gives Manchester based artists the chance to try out and experiment with new work and receive feedback from their artistic community and potential audiences.

Giving artists a space to perform at low stakes can stimulate ideas and facilitate community bonds, but it can also create vital space for evidence gathering and practice or rehearsal that is usually tricky and expensive to come by!

Girl Gang prioritise platforming women and non-binary artists and audiences, as well as those of marginalised genders. Cis men are very much welcome to attend or present work - join us!

Dates & times