About Human Rights Tattoo

Human Rights Tattoo is tattooing the Universal Declaration of Human Rights on 6773 people around the world. One character – one person. And, it's coming to the UK for the first time!

This Declaration, starting with 'All human beings are born free and equal’ defines the moral principles of being human in 30 articles, containing 6773 letters. Together this tattooed community will carry this Declaration throughout their lives, for a lifetime.

Human Rights Tattoo (HRT) has grown into an amazing community of so far 4601 participants, from 77 different countries. This group is united on its website where every person and every tattoo is documented by a photo of the tattooed letter, a name and a motivation in text. Currently, you are able to read the first 23 articles in tattoos.

“I felt I needed to use my ideas and talent in the best possible way, to use art as a spark for social change"

Sander van Bussel, Founder of Human Rights Tattoo

How To Get Involved

Please note, applications for Human Rights Tattoo have now closed.

On 9 September, we'll be offering a free drop-in poetry workshop with Keisha Thompson exploring the theme of human rights.

For lovers of tattoos, words or rights. This session with connect the dots of the Human Rights Tattoo movement by bringing poetry and drawing to consider how we think about human rights in our everyday lives. All are welcome.

The workshop is from 12-2 and 2-5.30; no booking necessary, just drop in!

Contact’s remit is to work with young people aged 18-30. With this project we are keen to shine a light on the people in our society who uphold everyday human rights whilst dealing with the difficulties of being a young person in this climate. We are excited that Human Rights Tattoo want to partner with us to give 30 under-30s in the UK the first chance to be part of this movement. Contact is a proud advocate for the next generation. For more information on Contact’s ethos check out our website.

There will be other activity happening on the day to connect with the Human Rights Tattoo project and this will be open to anyone.

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About Human Rights Tattoo

Being the largest, most profound living work of art to date, Human Rights Tattoo aims to give the Declaration a universal voice on a human level and daily basis. And what better way to achieve this goal than by leaving a lasting impression on the human skin? Every tattoo is a conversation starter. An inky invitation to talk, creating worldwide awareness for and underlining the importance of human rights through art and activism. We’re not asking our tattooed community to raise their voices in one place at the same time. It’s all their voices, conversations and stories that can be heard every single day across the world combined, that have the power to amplify this message.

With almost 3,500 letters already written on our human canvas, Human Rights Tattoo is an ever-growing movement. A collective of people making the world a better place by making their world a better place. People creating a larger narrative that brings depth and adds names and faces to the idea of human rights. But the movement is much more than a group of people united in ink. It’s a positive virus spreading around the globe. A powerful message equipped to infect as many people as possible.

The Human Rights Tattoo movement shows the world a glimpse of what we can become as a universal people. It tells stories of freedom and equality. Connects and unites people by the mere fact that they are human beings daring to raise their voices for human rights. Sounds big right? It kinda is. But it’s also kind of small. For us it all comes down to people sharing something important, making a difference and trying to get one simple message heard: human rights matter. Nothing more. Nothing less. A small letter for man, a giant symbol for mankind.

About the Tattoo Artist

Hi I’m Dax, I’m a self-taught artist from India and started tattooing 12 years ago. I started in my small home town, moving to different cities and learning and picking up new skills from around the world as I branched out and travelled.

I’ve always been fascinated by the idea of creating artwork for clients who will carry it on their bodies for the rest of their lives and it's such an honour to be able to do that and the trust my clients have in me.

Learn more about Dax here.


To learn more about Human Rights Tattoo, head to their website here.

All images by Sander van Bussel/ Human Rights Tattoo.

Photographs, logo and illustrations are the property of the Human Rights Tattoo Foundation, which holds all rights in connection with their usage.


Art With Heart

We're proud to be partnering with Art with Heart to bring Human Rights Tattoo to Manchester.

Experience Small Voices on the day; a special edition episode of Art with Heart’s podcast, Box Tickers, created with and centred on children’s equality. The episode explores what equality means to young people in Manchester and what adults can do to make things better for the next generation.

RFK Human Rights UK

We're proud to be partnering with RFK Human Rights UK to display artwork around our building on the day of Human Rights Tattoo!

RFK Human Rights UK exists to inspire the next generation of change-makers to make a positive impact in their local community.

Learn more here.

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