List of Events

  1. Poets of Colour Incubator Scratch Special - HOME / AI / SLEEP

    Come and join us for an evening of original, inspiring and thought-provoking poetry-in-progress by Jeremy Pak Nelson, Princess Arinola Adegbite and Ilisha Thiru Purcell - three exciting and emerging artists from the Poets of Colour…
  2. A young man with dark hair and a beard experiments with equipment in a music studio

    Music Drop 2023-24

    Beatmakers, rappers, singers or anyone interested in making music, Music Drop is the perfect project for you. Whatever your musical background is this project will teach you key music skills and support your musical journey.


  3. Itch that Scratch Night

    A brand new multi disciplinary feminist evening of creative works in progress. Scratch some creative itches with us as an audience member, collaborator or commentator. Expect unfinished, unready and exciting work from artists of all…
  4. Pillock

    Pillock has ADHD. His brain works faster than his bowel when he's had a Babybel. And he's lactose intolerant. He’s trying to keep his head above water, but he's drowning in loneliness, hook-up culture and medical role plays. He feels…
  5. Diva of the Decades

    Welcome to the electrifying world of Diva of the Decades!
  6. A black and white portrait of Shakespeare with colourful graffiti splodges all over him. Text reads who the eff is Shakespeare.

    Who the F--K is Shakespeare?

    Following a sell-out run, four of Shakespeare’s (in)famous characters are back for a national tour, ready to tell their side of the story.