List of Events

  1. Miz Cracker - A Brief History Of The Entire World... and also me!

    Miz Cracker is bringing her latest comedy show “Miz Cracker: A Brief History of the Entire World... and Also Me!” to the United Kingdom! Her performance offers a queer twist on world history, blending comedy, dance, and drag. With over a…
  2. House of Suarez Presents The Ball of Conspiracies

    Hot off the high heels of the rapturously received Euro Ball on the eve of the Eurovision Song Contest final in Liverpool, the Legendary House of Suarez are excited to bring the Ball of Conspiracies to Manchester, at its regular…


  3. A young man with dark hair and a beard experiments with equipment in a music studio

    Music Drop 2023-24

    Beatmakers, rappers, singers or anyone interested in making music, Music Drop is the perfect project for you. Whatever your musical background is this project will teach you key music skills and support your musical journey.


  4. What They Can't See

    ‘What They Can’t See’ is a play based on living under two cultures. A young girl lives in a house that is alive and one day a stranger comes in through her window, exposing her to the outside world. It uses magical realism inspired by…
  5. Coram Shakespeare Schools Festival 2024

    Coram Shakespeare Schools Foundation is proud to present the world’s largest youth drama festival at Contact! Join us this March for an exhilarating evening of live theatre, featuring a series of unique abridged Shakespeare productions by…
  6. Hedda

    “I don’t even know always what sets it off but when it happens, I’m not responsible for what I say or what I do.”
  7. Sofie Hagen: Will I Ever Have Sex Again?

    Sofie Hagen is bringing her brand new stand-up show and her brand new book on tour.
  8. Diva of the Decades

    Welcome to the electrifying world of Diva of the Decades!