Over the past few years, we have undergone a remarkable transformation of our venue, presented exciting work in brand new places and fundraised to open the doors to our fabulous new home. 

Now, our Contact advocates are supporting us to spread the word about the benefits Contact can bring to future generations of artists, audiences and young people in the next 50 years of our legacy

Keep an eye on our socials @ContactMCR where we’ll be platforming Contact’s 50 Most Celebrated during 2022 – 2023 as we celebrate our anniversary. 

    We are delighted to support this dynamic company and their exciting redevelopment plans, transforming their building to support the next generation of audiences, artists and young people.

    Kate Vokes, Director of Culture, Bruntwood

    Please join us and them in raising awareness and putting Contact’s birthday centre stage in our city!

    • Carl Austin-Behan

      "I am extremely thrilled, honoured and excited to be offered the role as President at Contact. With so much young talent within the North West we need to embrace the differences and opportunities that come with identity and diversity within the whole cultural spectrum. I am looking forward working alongside all the staff and volunteers as well as building relationships with businesses as corporate partners, getting them involved and engaged with various projects Contact has to offer."


    • Julie Hesmondhalgh

      "I know more lives that have been transformed because of Contact than I can count. Some of the most prolific and creative artists I've met have started out at Contact. I am delighted to support this new era in Contact's life, bringing that wonderful building bang up to date for the next generation."


    • Haiesha Mistry

      "I first came to Contact looking to find a new side of theatre. Back then I saw myself as a performer learning about my craft. Contact saw me as an artist working on my craft. That's what makes Contact different - they put young people at the forefront of everything they do, they shape the next generation of artists. I have a lot of love and respect for Contact as I wouldn't be the person I am today without their support. From starting out in CYC, to becoming a drama facilitator for Monday Drop, a Creative Expert and sitting on interview panels I now play a regular character on Channel 4's Hollyoaks. I am hugely honoured to become an advocate alongside such talent to continue supporting such a diverse home."


    • Nihal Arthanayake

      "When living in London I was told I must visit Contact. Now I live in Manchester, I am struck by the unorthodox building, a physical manifestation of the artistic attitude, filling every inch of the space. Fizzing with energy and ambition, with the most diverse audiences."


    • Fisayo Akinade

      "Contact's building was my first acting home, the building means the world to me, the young people it houses, my friends; it thoroughly deserves all the support in the world. Performing at the Donmar Warehouse alongside Gemma Arterton in Saint Joan, acting in the BBC drama In the Dark and winning an Ian Charleson Award in 2017 have been incredible for my career."


    • Nasima Begum

      "I am a prime example of how intrinsic Contact is to young people who are interested in the arts. Offering space to grow as well as help shape my future in the arts. I have also been invited to sit on Contact panels, to help employ new staff members and for the architects' presentations of the building refurbishment."


    • Louise Wallwein, MBE

      "I exploded into my first workshop in 1987. I was a volatile child and I had just left the care system. The world was afire with homophobia and youth unemployment. Contact became the place where I could test out my politics and learn to express them through Poetry and Theatre. It threw me a lifeline, and at the same time taught me how to to be a collaborator. I wrote my first play aged 17. It took a while longer to become a professional artist, but when I did, I kept on detonating in Contact and many other other theatres across the UK and around the world. My play Skid 180 went as far as Sydney Opera House. Becoming a teacher, an activist, a cultural diplomat, mentor, playwright, poet and catalyst for change. Most of all though Contact was the first place I could just be Me."


    • Kate O'Donnell

      "In 2014 no one was queuing up to support trans theatre. Contact offered me a 20 minute slot at a Queer Contact event. 4 years on two of my shows have been commissioned and produced by Contact. Contact have encouraged me, a trans woman, to represent them and myself. Artists, performers and staff feel like we own Contact, like we have the right to be there and the right to be seen and heard within the building and in front of its audiences. I am proud to be part of the Contact family. I make work to be shown at Contact to be part of that social change and move the gender debate forward. Contact does more than get bums on seats, it encourages and supports us, thank you."