Vision, Mission, Values

Positivity and performing arts can change lives. With real investment and the right infrastructure in place, we make this happen every day. Contact is proud to be proof of what can be achieved by putting the future first


Our Vision is a world where all young people are empowered by creativity and the arts.


Our Mission is to change the face of UK culture.

From our sustainable creative building in Manchester, we do this by:-

  • Empowering young people from all backgrounds as creative leaders and agents of social change
  • Supporting the next generation of artists and creatives
  • Inspiring new audiences with stories and experiences that reflect our community


  • We take a young-person centred approach to decision-making
  • We promote inclusion, access, understanding between communities, and a commitment to anti-racism
  • We foster artistic excellence, integrity and creative risk-taking
  • We nurture new artists, creative leaders and audiences
  • We care for our health, each other and our community
  • We care for our planet and environment, working towards a carbon neutral future