Miray Sidhom: The Bread We Break

This is a story about bread. Except it’s not really a story, it’s a mixture of accidents, discoveries and movements, fermented over time. And bread is just the beginning.

Drawing on her Egyptian heritage, Miray Sidhom explores Egypt’s suppressed history of political uprising in THE BREAD WE BREAK. Weaving together memories of a childhood in Cairo, frank conversations with her mother, and archive footage, she questions bread’s cultural symbolism and fermentation as a metaphor for social change. A decade on from the Arab Spring, Miray traces the origins of uprisings to the first workers strike in the Pharonic era.

"Contact Young Company and Manchester Metropolitan University alumni, Miray Sidhom is further proof of the greatness that is being nurtured in the city".


"A heady brew, an assured and imaginative reframing of a personal journey of exploration into something more universal"

Circles and Stalls

THE BREAD WE BREAK attempts to piece together fragments from an untold history, to knead the past into the present, to feed the future. Oscillating between personal & political, Miray reconciles and celebrates her Middle Eastern heritage; exposing the way everyday aspects of our lives can be politicised and controlled, and asks what are we driven to do when our fundamental rights are threatened?

About Miray Sidhom

Miray is an emerging theatre practitioner, combining elements of film, soundscapes, poetry, and movement to create experimental and thought-provoking performances which deconstruct a concept through form. She’s been part of Contact Young Company, including as Assistant Artist for Baby Fever.

Independently, she created If I Knew it was Harmless I would’ve Killed it Myself (GM Fringe 2017). Miray has recently graduated with an MA in Advanced Theatre Practice from the Royal Central School of Speech and Drama, and is one-sixth of ClusterFlux Collective.

Credits and Partners

Writer and Performer: Miray Sidhom

Dramaturg/ Director: Alix Harris

Movement Director: Mele Broomes

Producer: Roxy Moores

Production Designer: Sascha Gilmour

Projection Designer: Tracey Gibbs

Composer: Shaun Fairweather

Lighting Designer: Simon Alford

Musician: Medhat Elmasry, The Nile Band

Supported using public funding by the National Lottery through Arts Council England.

This work was commissioned by Contact.