Nima Séne: Beige B*tch

A cultural realness blitzkrieg – flawless Beige B*tch tackles im/perfection in the era of the image

In 2018, Contact worked with Glasgow based live art artist Nima Séne to develop their debut full-lengh show Beige B*tch.

Beige B*tch is a theatrical performance that tells the story of a womxn’s exploration of belonging.

With a TV reality show, hosted by Beige B*tch starring Egan Chan’s 东方姐妹 (Sisters of the Orient) featuring Queenie by James Primmer and Disco Fly by Fran.K made with filmmaker Daniel Hughes, Nima questions what it means to be(come) Black in a world where North American history, music and celebrity culture influences, inspires and dominates Black identity.

The live performance features texts co-written with writer and artist Ama Josephine Budge.

Beige B*tch has gone on to be presented at Take Me Somewhere (Glasgow) and Frascati (Amsterdam).

"…rooted in the politics of identity, colour and gender…Beige B*tch is a fierce provocateur on all fronts:

Mary Brennan, The Herald, on Into The New

Credits and Partners

Commissioned by Contact and Live Art UK Diverse Actions, a commission fund for live-art artists who are people of colour.

Rehearsal Director: Adura Onashile
Dramaturg: Laura Fisher
Videographer: Daniel Hughes

Developed through The Work Room residency, supported by plat-form and the National Theatre of Scotland’s Engine Room (supported by McGlashan Charitable Trust).

Trailer Credits

Film: Daniel Hughes
Artists in order of appearance – Nima Séne, James Primmer, Egan Chan and Fran.K
Set (film): Josephine Lallande
Costume (Beige B*tch): Sabrina Henry
MUA: Venus Von Vorstadt
Music: Fetisch Priest
Sound (film): Ludovic Barrier

Filmed at plat-form