About The Allusionist presents Souvenirs

Join host Helen Zaltzman and musician Martin Austwick for a fun, fascinating and unique stage show never heard before on the podcast.

Now celebrating its tenth year, the Allusionist presents a brand new live show, Souvenirs, telling the story of a friendship torn apart by… a font.

A font?

Look, font-related emotions can get VERY heated.

Helen Zaltzman

Martin Austwick

The Allusionist is a podcast about language: how and why we humans use it the ways we do, the funny and frustrating ways it shapes our words, thoughts, and lives - and how, just when we think we can tame it and ride it around, like a rodeo beast, it throws us defiantly into the sawdust.

Called “one of the funniest and most educational podcasts around” by The Guardian and “linguistically zesty“ by The New Yorker, The Allusionist has previously made hit stage shows about speed-typing champions, protest cakes and the history of the word ‘Ms’.

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