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For 50 years, we’ve been establishing a unique place for young people to grow artistically and forge creative careers. Please donate to help us support the next generation of creatives in Manchester and beyond. 

If you are planning to gift aid your donation, please remember to supply a full current postal address so that we can process it. 

Contact is a registered charity: 501953.


We’ve put together a range of special thank you gifts for individual supporters, so you know just how much we appreciate you being part of this adventure with us. 

If you would like to receive your thank you gift, please supply a full current postal address. 

Please note, your thank you gift will be posted within 10 working days. 

DONATE £5 and receive a limited-edition postcard designed by super creative Contact participant, Hazel Gibson. 

DONATE £25 and receive a limited-edition postcard and a recycled Contact branded notebook and pencil to capture all your own creative thoughts and big ideas. 

DONATE £50 and receive all of the above PLUS your name on the big screen at our performances!