Contact is a masonry building from 1963 located on The University of Manchester campus. The redevelopment in 1999 included refitting the main auditorium from seating 232 people to seating 334 people and improving the lighting and acoustic arrangements. During the project, the decision was also made to have an assisted natural ventilation system installed and no air-conditioning, resulting in a significant reduction in energy use.

We are already recycling 100% of our waste and are checking weekly energy use against programmes to identify the impacts of different activities, so that areas for reduction can be prioritised. Other ways in which Contact support sustainable energy are:

  • We have invested in an all-electric van and charging station.
  • Contact established a Green Champions scheme to support staff engagement in environmental matters.
  • We have achieved a DEC rating of A for two years running.
  • Our electricity supply is one supplied entirely from renewable energy sources.
  • We have added environmental sustainability to the agenda for staff and board meeting.
  • We continue to create a communications strategy for the public awareness programme.
  • Our investment in e-tickets and digital payments has greatly reduced our paper consumption.

To find out more about Contact’s building, please contact Steve Curtis (Operations Manager) via