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The Lost Summer - Saf

Watching the light creep in
Not enough long days and even shorter nights
Sitting on the window and I watch the sun take space and change place
The metamorphosis of age
21 with 16 years of schooling and still no clue as to what I should do
Another roll to self medicate with self made lies
Maybe the loneliness will set me free
I purge my sanity counting daylight minutes and seconds
Counting down to the first classless fall
I’ve lost the measure of dates
They told me adulthood was a place of freedom
Lost in monotone routine
Robot, eat, robot, dreamless sleep
Highlights were the calls in sick
Buying popcorn at the cinema
Into a lonesome 9am screening
I thought the fall would break me
Take me in a howl with browning leaves
But the snow then settled me
Toward another heat full season
With a stagnant stance to wear
Robot, eat, robot, dreamless sleep
I worked myself to crash
Blazed away my cash
Barely earned to stash
I barely stepped on stage
I barely touched a page
I barely saw my friends
I caged my soul away
I thought I lost my way
But a red Quin turned a lens of possibility
So when the heat came back my flex came back
I bared my soul and tears came back
I sold my pain and the stage came back
I was paid for blood and hope came back
A star to be crafted I made friends that year
Still barely saw my friends that year
I kinda don’t really know what happened that year
But I grew a few years that summer
And I charred my chest a lot more that summer
I optimised a lot more that summer
So I guess it’s not too different this summer
I’ll probably barely remember this summer

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