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A musical submission for The Lost Summer from one of our Level Up participants

The Lost Summer: Imagination produced by Channell featuring 2b.Frank

Imagination, my soul sings, 

Climbing on my frame of my mind,

dropping off the top swings, 

Flopping like summers plans, 

but the sun still fine like 

sands through my hot hands,


mother earth she sees me 

sees me as I swim deep

sinking in my memories,

reminiscing feelings,

And playing over those scenes,

Like kicking ball with H

yh we kicked back like baked beans.


Mind wonders, ah huh

like a lost kid,

running with my heart,

lost track of where it is,


don’t give a shit nah as long as I’m feeling it,

beating in its cage then let it out and speak with it,

seeking them demons in it,

reasons why Im spitting this,

I’m just a misfit changing up my outfit,


docs in the weekdays,

weekends in my classics,

output over input,

switching up them habits.


i stop leaning just to chase dreams, 

i got reasons and by all means,

i was flowing till the river freezed,

it was cold but i still breathed,


said it was cold but i still breathed,

seemed like it was only just a phase,

if you know me, 

you know that I’m gonna make it better,

i was lonely. i was hoping i could focus.


no penny for my thoughts,

i got heads with me working.

cause I worked it out,

walked about in workouts,

Under grey clouds. 

and made this sun from a sound.

so the sun will shines til

This heart don’t pound.

til this heart don’t pound nah ah


I’m just zoning,

tryna find days where the days aint cloning.


You can listen to the recording of this and find out how to submit your own Lost Summer story here.