We offer compelling sponsorship and corporate social responsibility opportunities through mutually beneficial partnerships.  We create relationships that offer unique experiences, from meeting our artists, to seeing how work is created behind the scenes or participating in our young mentorship scheme.  

You can support our diverse programme of live performances, exhibitions, or our internationally recognised projects made with and by young people. Working with our extraordinary young participants and attendees can provide your organisation with a targeted approach to opportunities for market testing and reaching new young audiences.

    As a corporate supporter of Contact we are proud to be a partner – I know we are in good hands with the team at Contact, supporting our hospitality needs and supporting life-changing performances.

    Chris Bishop, Managing Partner, Slater Heelis

    Supporting our work will provide vital investment in the future of young people, placing those with whom we work at the creative core of a city where young people now form the largest ‘growth sector’ of the population.

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    Contact Jane Hall, Development Manager, janehall@contactmcr.com, or call 0161 274 0657.