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On Tuesday 2  June, we ran a virtual session with a group of Black and Mixed Heritage young people in North Manchester. We wanted to provide a space where they could talk freely about safely about the murder of George Floyd, the Black Lives Matter Movement and their own experiences of racism within the UK.

We also wanted to hear how we, as an actively anti-racist organisation, could respond, support and help. 
In the session the young people spoke about feeling empowered, lost, motivated, useless, angry and fatigued all at the same time. They wanted a space to talk, to organise, to hear other young people’s views.

We havedecided to hold another session, but this time with young people from across the whole of Manchester.

Hosted by Roxy Legane (Kids of Colour) and Poet, Facilitator and Contact Trustee Reece Williams, we are providing a space for people to come and speak about their experience, offer advice, listen to others, and help organisations like ours respond to this ongoing, and historical, crisis.

This session is for any person who has engaged with Contact and is still under the age of 30. The session will be held via zoom. You can sign up by either filling in the form below, or getting in touch with Rory Dickinson.


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    This session is free to attend
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    Online Session

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Tuesday 9 June 5:00pm
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