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Scratch is a day of performances exploring bisexual bliss, working-class transmasculinity, LGBTQ+ mental health and queer desire. 

Scratch will see tantalising glimpses of new work from a number of queer Manchester based creatives – including the two recipients of the GM LGBTQ+ Arts and Culture Network bursary: Jova and the Wave and Maz Hedgehog who share early material from their winning commissions.

In addition, Plaster Cast Theatre, Sam Danson, Taylor le Fin (with TransCreative) and Chanje Kunda will also share early-stage material of new work exploring bisexual bliss, working-class transmasculinity, LGBTQ+ mental health and queer desire. 

Eggshells by Maz Hedgehog

Eggshells is a spoken word solo show about how knowledge isn’t enough. It is an exploration of the pieces left behind, of how knowing how they fit together and why they smashed apart doesn’t make it all ok. It is about the histories that live inside us, whether we want them to or not. Eggshells is a monologue about the personal and the political, about guilt and blame, about how we are shaped and hurt by events set in motion long before we were born.

Jova and The Wave: Gothic Latinx Folklore

Gothic Latinx Folklore (Provisional Title) is an exploration of Latin American folklore from a gothic perspective. The show takes inspiration from powerful Latine musicians such as Violeta Parra and Chavela Vargas, as well as classic myths and legends that permeate the Latin American canon. This work will explore colonialism, queerness, and oppression through tragedy and the macabre, with Jova taking on the persona of a ghost who has lost everything to the same forces and institutions that continue to plague and exploit Latin America today.

QUEER SEX by Plaster Cast Theatre

Plaster Cast present a work in progress of their new show, Queer Sex, a verbatim, devised show exploring queer sexuality and desire. Collaborating with musicians Seb Schmidt and OORYA, and AV artist DeDe they explore how queer sex can help us envision radical, anti-capitalist ways of being.

Chanje Kunda

‘Bi-sexual bliss, coupled with a bright euphoria’. If self-acceptance is the key to happiness, can we go beyond self-acceptance, to self-celebration, to bliss, to euphoria – and if so, how?

Common People by Taylor Le Fin (TransCreative)

Common People is a lyrical, tragic comedy set between 1995 and 2000. It explores where transmasculinity, poverty & class meet. It’s a story about survival, escape and being saved by “Jarvis bloody Cocker!” This show is for anybody who has had to escape their past and earn their future.

Sam Danson

An honest and funny exploration of Bisexuality and mental health. This war-themed solo show explores the alarming links between sexuality, poor mental health and identity. As a Bisexual Artist, Sam explores these themes and challenges societal ideas of masculinity in a hope to normalise conversation and raise awareness of the experiences some young LGBT+ people face.


This event is part of Queer Contact. Each February, as part of LGBT History Month, Queer Contact’s programming converges in a festival of events – Queer Contact Festival – featuring the best performance, music, spoken word, dance, theatre and visual art with local young people and performers interacting with the best UK and international talent.

GM LGBTQ+ Arts and Culture Network bursary

Eggshells and Gothic Latinx Folklore have been developed with a Create Bursary from the Greater Manchester LGBTQ+ Arts & Culture Network, an LGBT Foundation project, supported using public funding by the National Lottery by Arts Council England.

The Create Bursary 2021 is supported by Contact, HOME, The Met, The Royal Exchange Theatre and Waterside Arts.


If you have any access needs you want to discuss with us, please call the box office Monday to Friday between 10 – 10pm on 0161 274 0600.

Alternatively, you can email the box office on, or get in touch via direct message on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram (@contactmcr on all three platforms).


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    Contact, Oxford Road, Manchester, M15 6JA

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    4 hours for all performances
Date Time & Place
Saturday 12 February 2:00pm