Written by Rani Moorthy. Directed by Alan Lane

A love of saris leads a man to discover himself within the folds of the sensuous fabric.

Handlooms explores the generational conflict between Rajesh and his mother who are both seeking conflicting solutions to a crisis in their sari business. An exciting and immersive theatrical experience set in a real sari shop in the heart of Curry Mile. The show challenges simplistic and stereotypical assumptions about an aspect of migrant life, the sari.

Supported using public funding through the National Lottery by Arts Council England, Slung Low, Curve, Alankar and Anokhi.

BSL performance March 17th. Accessible post show discussion on 17th March (8pm only).

This event takes place at Alankar House of Sarees

46-48 Wilmslow Rd, Manchester M14 5TQ

  • Price
    £15 / £11 Concessions
  • Venue

    Alankar House of Saris, 46-48 Wilmslow Road, Manchester M14 5TQ

  • Ages
    Over 12s
  • Running
    60 minutes
  • Genre
Date Time
Monday 12 March 7:30pm Book
Monday 12 March 9:15pm Book
Tuesday 13 March 7:30pm Book
Tuesday 13 March 9:15pm Book
Wednesday 14 March 7:30pm Book
Wednesday 14 March 9:15pm Book
Thursday 15 March 7:30pm Book
Thursday 15 March 9:15pm Book
Friday 16 March 7:30pm Book
Friday 16 March 9:15pm Book
Saturday 17 March 8:30pm Book
Monday 19 March 7:30pm Book
Monday 19 March 9:15pm Book
Tuesday 20 March 7:30pm Book
Tuesday 20 March 9:15pm Book
Wednesday 21 March 7:30pm Book
Wednesday 21 March 9:15pm Book
Thursday 22 March 7:30pm Book
Thursday 22 March 9:15pm Book
Friday 23 March 7:30pm Book
Friday 23 March 9:15pm Book
Saturday 24 March 8:30pm Book