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Rescheduled - Queer as Expressing Yourself workshop will now take place on Friday 22 April. Join Santi Sorrenti, the founder of G(end)er Swap for this pick Your Own Style Adventure workshop!

Artists Jova and the Wave and Maz Hedgehog chat to Santi Sorrenti, the founder of G(end)er Swap. Then Santi will host a Pick Your Own Style Adventure workshop, providing a space to experiment with new clothes, think about your personal style, and explore the things that make you feel euphoric. 

G(end)er Swap is the first clothing outreach organisation based in the UK that supports trans and gender non-conforming people to access clothes and community via bespoke style workshops, pop-ups and consultancy. G(ender) Swap’s founder Santi is a queer creative, public speaker, unconventional academic, DIY fashionista and make-up artist. Santi has a Masters in Women’s Studies from Oxford University. Their research explored trans and gender non-conforming fashion activist movements.

Santi Sorrenti stands in a leather jacket and black tee with a mullet cut and necklaces, against a park backdrop with a strong expression on their face

Queer as F**K

Queer sex education was a theme suggested by our young people’s steering group. Until 2003, the Section 28 law prevented schools from teaching that homosexuality was acceptable. In 2020 sex education finally became a compulsory part of the curriculum. But we know from the young people we work with at Contact that lessons are often still patchy, awkward, and very heteronormative. People leave school with a lot of questions, which continue into adulthood. 

We invited sex educators and queer speakers from across the UK to run a series of discussions at Contact. After each event, we’ll host a workshop that expands on the themes of our discussion in a creative way. Workshops included zine making, portrait drawing, group singing, and swap shopping that’s all queer as f**k.

These events are designed to be safe and suitable for people aged 14 and up – but they’re open to anyone aged 30 and under who has questions to ask or wants to think about these things.

Content Warnings

Because the workshops and panels will be discussion-based, including audience questions, it’s not possible to say fully what topics will be covered in each. Contact staff members will be present at all events and have received trauma-informed training and safeguarding training to help them support anyone dealing with difficult and distressing issues, or who may need a moment to talk and reflect on content covered in the sessions. 


This image is by Manuel Vason and was created in collaboration with Contact’s Re:CON producers (Ali Wilson, Isaac Rose, mandla rae, Nasima Begum) to commemorate protests against the Section 28 law repealed in 2003.


This event was part of Queer Contact. Each February, as part of LGBT History Month, Queer Contact’s programming converges in a festival of events – Queer Contact Festival – featuring the best performance, music, spoken word, dance, theatre and visual art with local young people and performers interacting with the best UK and international talent.


If you have any access needs you want to discuss with us, please call the box office Monday to Friday between 10 – 10pm on 0161 274 0600.

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    Contact, Oxford Road, Manchester, M15 6JA

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    These events are designed to be safe and suitable for people aged 14 and up - but they’re open to anyone under 30 who has questions to ask.
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    2 hours
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    For any queries, please email box office at

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Friday 22 April 5:00pm
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