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A television news show made by children for adults, recorded in front of a studio audience and broadcast live on the internet.

This is the news. This is what’s happening. We have our eyes on the city and our fingers on the pulse.

In frightening times we are here to reassure you, through the good news and the bad, a friendly face at the end of the day, a voice in which you can trust. Coming live and uninterrupted from the theatre to an audience of potentially billions.

News News News is a television news show made by children for adults, recorded in front of a studio audience and broadcast live on the internet. Working with artists Andy Field and Beckie Darlington, children will present bulletins from the city, offering a distinctive look at what’s going on right here and right now.

At a time when there is more news than there has ever been and yet our trust in journalists is at an all-time low, what is the purpose of news and how does it shape the way we see the world around us? And how might children teach us to look again at the places we live and the stories that we tell about them.

Commissioned by Cambridge Junction and Norfolk & Norwich Festival. Supported by Arts Council England, the Stobbs New Ideas Fund and a Cambridge City Council Public Art Grant.


If you are unable to make it in person, you are able to watch the second half of the performance here. This will start at 6:30pm.


If you have any access needs you want to discuss with us please call the box office Monday to Friday between 10-5pm on 0161 274 0600, alternatively you can email the box office on, or get in touch via direct message on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram (@contactmcr on all three platforms).


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★★★★ The Times

‘an arresting child’s eye view of life’

‘They asked big question to which their grown-up interviewees didn’t always have the answers. And in an era of cynicism and fake news they unblinkingly demanded the truth.’

★★★★ The Stage

‘a child’s-eye view of the news’

‘The care and passion with which the children approach their chosen subjects is impressive, and the show is a potent reminder that decisions are being made on their behalf every day, that it’s their future people are playing with. There are lessons to be learned here.’


  Children sit at news desk reading from papers. They are performing in News News News and wearing white shirts, ties and glasses.

  • Price
    £15 full price/£10 under 35s/£5 concessions - Free for members.
  • Venue


  • Ages
    Recommended for ages 11+
  • Running
    60 minutes
Date Time & Place
Saturday 5 March 6:00pm
Sold out