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University of Manchester

We're so excited to be teaming up with UoM to present this incredible double bill of 'Handle with Care' and 'i don't feel anything'.


Handle with Care blends theatre with live cinema and performance art to explore connections, distance and intimacy in the digital age.

This self-reflexive piece examines how digital technologies shape the way we process our emotions, conduct our relationships and present ourselves to others.


Three young people tell us they don’t feel. 

They fear feeling, it means they can be hurt. 

So now they feel nothing.

Liberated when they dance, where they are allowed to express themselves without needing to justify with words, they find a way to feel. By claiming this space to acknowledge the discomfort and confusion of their experiences, they are able to navigate power and vulnerability despite the daily toll of racism, homophobia and abuse. The show offers us a chance to understand the nuances of surviving in a world that shuts you down and shuts you out.


If you have any access needs you want to discuss with us, please call the box office Monday to Friday between 10 – 10pm on 0161 274 0600.

Alternatively, you can email the box office on, or get in touch via direct message on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram (@contactmcr on all three platforms).

  • Price
  • Venue

    Contact, Oxford Road, Manchester, M15 6JA

  • Ages
  • Running
    Handle with Care: 40 mins approx | Interval: 20 mins | i don’t feel anything: 50 mins approx
  • Booking info

    Please note, this is a double bill of two performances. One ticket provides access to experience both Handle with Care and ‘i don’t feel anything’.

  • Genre
Date Time & Place
Wednesday 13 July 7:00pm
Sold out
Thursday 14 July 7:00pm
Sold out