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Arden School of Theatre unTaPped Festival, livestreamed from Contact. Friday 21 - Saturday 22 May.

NOTE: Buying a Festival pass gives you access the entire Festival livestream, with all performances included.

Buy your Festival Pass and get access to all of the live performances broadcast from Contact on Friday 21 and Saturday 22 May.

If you have booked a ticket, you can access the event page here. The livestream will start at 2.45pm both days.

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See the full list of performances below.


The Death of You

Company Name: TaP 3
Dates: Friday 21 and Saturday 22 May, 6pm
Duration: 45 Minutes

We are finding you, we are watching you and we are guiding you to The Death of You. Everything has changed, yet the fragments are still the same. Trust in us, we’ve been here before we know what we’re doing. A meta modern restaging of the Death of You, our first year divided show, utilising the skills we have learnt across our three years of training.

Natural Intelligence

Company Name: TaP 1
Dates: Friday 21 and Saturday 22 May, 3pm and 7pm
Duration: 45 Minutes

We return to the genesis, the beginning of everything. We will move through time utilising our intelligence to explore evolution and the circle of life. Theatre and Performance first years present to you their devised show, Natural Intelligence.

Posters for Natural Intelligence

(Woah) Man Down!

Company name: Mayes Theatre
Members: Leah Marshall, Matilda Watts, Liberte-Mae Hirst, Alivia Moakes.
Dates: Friday 21 May, 9pm. Saturday 22 May, 4pm
Duration: 45 Minutes

Check the weather forecast because we’ve heard it’s going to be raining men. Are you ready to be taken on a journey of dance, comedy and pure aMAYESment? They say that behind every great man is a great woman, but this time we’re taking it literally. It’s time for our voices to be heard, we are going to be ourselves, be brave and dare to be different. It’s time to fight like a (WOAH) Man.

Man Down poster


Company Name: Outtakes Collective
Members: Grace McCaul Lowe, Hannah Jennings, Jessie Sainty
Dates: Friday 21 May 4pm. Saturday 22 May, 9:05pm
Duration: 45 Minutes

Join us as we journey to Our Last Summer and take you through the highs, the lows and the… BLOOPERS . There’s something to be said about female friendship as it persists through even the hardest of seasons, there may be tears spilt and some drinks too but in the end ‘we three shall meet again’.

Bloopers Poster


Dates: Friday 21 May and Saturday 22 May, 7:45pm
Duration: 5 Minutes

NANNY FANNY, what are you doing here? Go home, put your feet up, grab a cuppa and a biscuit then put Corrie on! Wait stop NANNY stop you can’t do that here I know Whitney gets you excited but not here. Put it away… Oh


The (His)story of Man

Company Name: 6 and a Half Men
Members: Ryan, Jack, Jonathan, Allan, Rob and Elston
Dates: Friday 21 May, 4:50pm. Saturday 22 May, 8:25pm
Duration: 35 Minutes

6 Blokes, 24 Limbs and not a leg to stand on. 6 and a Half Men present The (His)story of Man. Explore the world of masculinity from the 1920’s to the present day, with a rocking jukebox to soundtrack the whole experience.


Three Lessons (in causality, perception, and time)

Company Name: Dave Williams
Friday 21 May, 5:30pm. Saturday 22 May, 8pm
Duration: 15 minutes

Imagine the universe. All of time. Everything that has ever happened, and everything that will ever happen. Thirteen and a half billion years, from the big bang, the absolute moment of conception, all the way through to now. Imagine that all of this is just one single moment. What would happen if we could control this moment? What moments lie within?

Three lessons in causality, perception and Time

The Art of Etiquette

Company Name: The Proper Ladies
Members: Madeline Brew and Nikita Baines
Friday 21 May, 8pm. Saturday 22 May, 5pm
Duration: 23 minutes

The Art of Etiquette is a show that explores what it is to be a woman, as two performers (each with their own
vagina) attempt to abide by the written, and unwritten, rules of society. We’re talking about beauty, manners, and sex. Join us, The Proper Ladies, as we encourage you to stare deep into that lipstick-stained mirror and realise that, perhaps, a woman may well be the right man for the job.

Art of Etiquette poster

The Trilogy of Choice

Company Name: Hannah Olivia
Members: Hannah Jones, Madeline Brew, Elston Kavanagh
Duration 3 x 3.5 Minutes (full 11 minutes)

When the pandemic hit, lights went down in theatres, I felt it was a minor setback. Follow my journey from outside the abandoned theatre, through the silent foyer, finally returning to the stage. This contemporary dance piece documents the trials and tribulations of my final academic year and embodies the rebirth of theatre. Through denial, deception and courage; the three avenues of free will.

Autonomous Wonderland

Company Name: Alice Galvin
Duration: 4-5 minutes

Autonomous Wonderland is a world made up entirely of the imagination. A world where there are no limits to your freedom. A world, you can escape to when you’re feeling sad. A world where the line between fiction and reality is blurred. A world that transforms a miserable looking bathroom into a colourful dreamland. A world where no tyrants can tell you what to do. A world where you can drink tea with white rabbits, play chess, eat cakes, and kiss kings and queens.

Absolutely Trollied

Members: Bella Franks, Leah Wade
Duration: 10 minutes

Let’s see what happens or more so to try to remember what happens when you get Absolutely Trollied! From pre-drinks to the morning after, grab a drink and help us recollect the memories we want to forget. Who knows where the night can take us?

The Clay Man

Company Name: Josh Cooper
Duration: 15 minutes

Welcome to the Clay Man’s world. He’s ready to discover his face and his body and who he is. Will he shape himself to the person he wants to become and what will the clay face personality bring? Will you accept or reject the man he moulds himself to be?

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