Secure a copy of 2120 - our vinyl album - today!

The album was inspired by and recorded during the major redevelopment of Contact between 2018 and 2019.

2120 forms part of a time capsule project and this is the first press of the vinyl installed in the newly re-opened Contact in 2020.


An exclusive, limited edition vinyl album. Experience specially recorded tracks by 38 musicians who once found their musicality at Contact.
Contact's media lounge recording studio with a young man rehearsing in the booth


1. FIRE - Yussuf Maleem, LayFullStop, Wobz and Bonnie Schwartz.

2. RING ON A ROYAL - Chunky Tobija Wilson, Isaiah Hull and Countours

3. NEW FACES - TMNMS, Blind Mic, Blakk Ice and Bonnie Schwarz

4. KINGDOM - Ali Gadema and Chi Prophecy

5. MAN UP - Busha Mann, Martha Pryer and Wobz

6. THE MANCHESTER WAY - Tobija Wilson and TMNMS

7. SOUTH MANNY (Spoken Word) - Caveman

8. CHILDHOOD IS INNOCENT, BUT IT'S NOT (Spoken Word) - Yussuf Malaam

9. THE MANCUNIAN SPEECH (Spoken Word) - Reece Williams

10. NOT READY FOR TODAY - Contours, Rowan Lark, Cave Man and Busha Mann

11. RHYTHM OF OUR HEART - Blind Mic, Mica Sinclair, Persia and Chi Prophecy

12. MAKING CONTACT - Chunky, Tobija Wilson, Isaiah Hull and Contours

13. INDIGENOUS - Ruby Ann, Kid Katharsis and Blakk Ice

14. THE COUNTDOWN - Isaiah Hull

15. AUDIO DOCUMENTARY - Sam Malik, Wesley Thistlethwaite, Rowan Lark, Caveman and Mica Sinclair


Executive Producer - Sam Malik
Assistant Producer - Liam Collins
Mix & Mastering
- Ian Steward

Funded by Contact and PRS Foundation

Supported by Breed Media

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