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This project is going on a hiatus, but keep an eye out on the website or on our social media platforms @ContactMcr for when it’ll be back.

An alternative education using creative arts and digital media for year 7 to 11 students who are not in mainstream education.

Studio School is aimed at students who are in (or at risk of going in to) pupil referral units, specialist schools or alternative providers 

The purpose of Studio School is to be part of the ‘recovery curriculum’ and fill the gaps of student’s learning using activities that are in their appeal and interest. Studio School aspires to recover the loss of self-esteem and aspirations in their engagement with school and learning, due to the impact of COVID-19 and the lack of face to face engagement during lockdown.   

What will my student/child get out of Studio School?

  • Students will have developed a range of literacy, numeracy and ICT skills using music, drama, spoken word, film making including other multimedia & ICT activities.
  • Students will have improved their team working and communication abilities including a wide range of other independent transferable skills.
  • Students will have improved their confidence, self esteem, interest and aspiration towards learning.
  • Students will have achieved an Arts Award Qualification.

What does Studio School involve?

  • Each session will be 2 hours long.
  • Sessions are between 1-3 days a week (students can engage with as many sessions as they want/need).
  • Each term is 6-8 weeks (students can engage with as many terms as they want/need).
  • A match funding of £150 per student, per slot (AM/PM), per term is needed to contribute towards the costs of referrals.

How have students and teachers found Studio School?

“In time of uncertainty we need some normality and a sense of hope for our future. This is what studio school has given to some of our lucky students who are on the 8 week program.” E Ransome – Teacher

“I have really benefited from this experience. I have learnt how to mix and produce beats in a short space of time. This has been very effective and helped me in my music education at CHS. I hope to get even more experience of the music industry from studio school. Sam Malik is really professional and has a lot to offer me as a young person who is interested in music. Thank you Contact theatre!” T’Zise – Student.

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    School years 7-11
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    This project is going on a hiatus, but keep an eye out on the website or on our social media platforms @ContactMcr for when it’ll be back.

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