Mixed Movement is an open stage event for dancers to improvise with live musicians.

Mixed Movement is a spontaneous conversation between movement and music. If you want to celebrate the joy of dance, sign up and participate, or just come and watch.

The event is the brainchild of dancer, theatre maker and poet DawN Crandell. DawN created the open stage event in New York City (2009) after being frustrated with the lack of spontaneous opportunities for dance performance and the segmentation of the various dance communities. In August 2009, Mixed Movement came across the pond to reside at Contact, where it is now a popular seasonal event hosted by Keisha Thompson.

The night begins with improvised solos. In the second round, these dancers are paired up by chance. Names are pulled out of a hat and then the magic of Mixed Movement manifests. Movers from different backgrounds find and create a common language in the moment. Next, we turn to the audience for the inspired Wild Card Section.

  • Ages
    All ages welcome
  • Contact

    Keisha Thompson, Mixed Movement co-ordinator and host


  • Details

    Space 5. Mixed Movement is a seasonal event that takes place after dance shows in the main Contact programme.
    Dancers of all styles and ages are welcome.