Are you a creative workshop facilitator looking to develop your skills and challenge yourself to work with new clients?

Creative Experts at Contact are a group of young practitioners and facilitators who deliver creative consultancy services to corporate clients, charities and public organisations.

As a Creative Expert you will receive regular free training to build your facilitation skills, increase your confidence in delivering workshops as well as building your networks with other freelance practitioners.

Creative Experts have the opportunity to apply for paid freelance facilitation work for Contact’s clients, with the chance to progress from Assistant Facilitator to Lead Facilitator. We also have a small number of Creative Experts Consultants who pitch for work on our behalf and manage projects.

    ‘During my time as a Creative Expert I have gone from being a nervous young dance artist to what I would describe as a confident and self-assured creative facilitator, a consultant and a project manager. I truly believe that were it not for the training, mentoring, experience and opportunities offered by the programme, I wouldn’t be where I am today.’

    Olivia Peers, Creative Expert