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Are you in a band? Do you play an instrument? Or, would like to learn how to play the guitar, bass, keyboard or drums?

Join us for a unique and innovative way of learning, playing, performing and recording musical instruments as a band. Band School is a weekly workshop targeted at emerging and upcoming young musicians who play or wish to learn how to play musical instruments.  

Whilst on this project you will learn how to play popular songs using musical instruments with a band. There will also be workshops in music theory, composition and songwriting. As well as being tutored by our experienced team, you also get to learn from other young aspiring musicians too.  

By the end of Band School you will have:

  • Learned different instrumental knowledge
  • Developed an understanding of orchestration
  • Experienced songwriting and multi-instrument recordings

These are skills you only get from learning, playing, performing and recording as a band.

Contact will also offer you the chance to become a member of our first ever in-house band who will be creating music, recording backing tracks and performing at events 

Sessions are planned to start in October 2021.

So, whether or not you’re in a band, currently taking instrumental lessons or learning by yourself, please fill this form to take part in Band School.

Fill in the application form now.

For more details, contact Sam Malik


  • Ages
    Sessions for 11-18 year olds available.
  • Contact
  • Details

    Sessions are: Sat 11AM – 1PM (11 – 15 year olds) and Sat 2PM – 4PM (16 – 25 year olds)