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The wonderful Peter joined us for a week of work experience. Here are his reflections on his time at Contact. | 2 minute read

My name’s Peter and I am 15. Since I was 11, I have been interested in making and producing music. When I was in year 9, one of my teachers took me to the Contact Theatre to complete my bronze arts award. When I came to Contact, all the staff were really nice and once I had completed the arts award, I was invited to their Summer Camp.

After that, I have always enjoyed being at the Contact Theatre, so when one of my teachers told me that there was work experience there, I applied straight away as we missed it in yr10 because of covid. After a couple of weeks, I was emailed saying that I got the work experience which was a very happy day!

view of a theatre space with red seats from the perspective of a technicians box Two people smiling with pink lanyards onPeter taking a photo, wearing a black jumper and a pink lanyard. Behind peter is as theatre space with red chairs

At the start of the week, I met Lauren and Faith and they told me the activities that I would be doing for the week

On Tuesday, I attended the staff meeting and was introduced to everyone and their job titles – which I’m not going to remember lol! After that, I met Liam and was introduced to the technicians who I shadowed working on a show.

On Wednesday, I met Tanica and we used a gimble to film some Tik Toks for the Contact profile. Then I attended the marketing meeting. After lunch, I helped Danny set up for Level Up by testing cables then did mic checks and helped record the people there. I learnt how to properly record people on Logic.

On Thursday, I was with the technicians on an event all day. I helped John and Amy set up the stage, helped with the lights in the second half, then helped pack everything away. I learnt how to properly wrap wires so they don’t get tangled!

Today, Friday is my last day and I’m writing this blog. Then I will have some music studio time with Danny. After that I’ll get some food from Contact Bar & Kitchen and watch a performance – MIRAY SIDHOM: THE BREAD WE BREAK

Two people sitting down in a studio, next to desksTwo people smiling with pink lanyards on, one person week in the handPeter wearing a black top and a pink lanyard, behind him is a pink wall with space 2 written on it.

This week was very informative and I learnt all the different jobs in the arts industry, and got lost a lot! Hopefully, this work experience will help me get a job in the arts industry in the future… or maybe even work at the Contact Theatre!

Want to know more?

Work Experience places are booked up for this year, but please feel free to get in touch with our Young Peoples Producer, Lauren Banks to learn more at