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My name is Afzal Arafath. I have spent my work experience at Contact. I have really enjoyed my week, I liked working in the different departments such as Creative Development, Finance, Box Office, Front of House, Programming and Marketing. I had a really good time learning about what goes on in these different departments and how they all contribute towards Contact.

Day 1: Creative Dev.

On the first day I was really nervous of what was going to happen and how I would find it but then after meeting Keisha she told what was going to happen and what I was going to do so I was feeling calmer. I was in the Creative Development Department and I was given a work experience booklet to work through and on that day I finished of the whole booklet except for one part that was about my presentation that I need to do on Friday. I had a really fun time and enjoyed it in that department.

Day 2: Finance

On the second day before going to the Finance Department there was a staff meeting and I was introduced to everyone and they were all so welcoming and kind, so it felt even better when I went there. Then I went to FInance. I leant about how they handle all the money and budget for Contact. I looked at some budget funds from 1995 to 2016 and printed them all out to help the people who work in Finance with what they were doing. Then in the afternoon I went to the bank to deposit some money that has been collected by Contact. After that I joined in a special meeting called OPS. I thought that it was really interesting and how everyone there is so organised and how they talk about some situations and work together to learn how to solve them.

Day 3: Box Office

On the third day I worked at the Box Office. I learnt how to book tickets for someone and I saw how to answer phone calls professionally. Then I set up an account for myself on Spektrix and made a ticket for myself. Then I used this special laser barcode scanner gun and scanned in the code on my ticket and it came up saying my name. That is how easy it is at Contact to be scanned. After that I came up to marketing and worked on a Press Release. This took a long time because we needed to put in our best work to make sure that it sounded really exciting and that people would want to come and watch it. It was so good because we had a really good time.

Day 4: FOH/Programming

On this day I had to come in at 8:30 but I found it really interesting because I opened up the building and made sure that all fire exits were clear and that fire extinguishers weren’t pulled so that they could be used. I also found out that this building has so many places that I could get lost in because I didn’t know the building properly, but after a while I knew how to get to places easily and I knew that I wouldn’t get lost. Then I went into programming and learnt that they go to shows and see which ones will be appropriate to perform at Contact and that people will like. Also I learned that they make sure that they can book performances into the rehearsal spaces and they see if the schedule would clash and see how they can make space available for the actors and make sure they aren’t disturbed.

Day 5: Marketing

This is my last day here at Contact and I am in the Marketing Department. This is where I’m writing my Blog Post. I really like the silence in the room except for the calm music playing. This is because it shows the concentration and hard work put in by the Marketing team. The Marketing team work on Branding and the idea of making Contact known everywhere and designing their products and accessories, such as Badges, Pens, T-shirts and Bags. In the afternoon I am going to give my presentation on my artist inspiration who is Banksy. I chose Banksy because in all of his graffiti images there is a really big meaning about life and what is happening around the world. It also lets me think and explore the images in detail and spot little details in there that I think would stand out and mean something.

I have really enjoyed working at Contact for one week as part of my work experience and I hope I can come back another time to watch some of these performances and maybe act in some of these.