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Welcome to Contact, Sam!

We’re pleased to welcome Sam Holley-Horseman to the Contact team, as our RTYDS 18-Month Residency Director.

RTYDS is a national professional artist development programme for theatre directors in the UK, and Sam’s residency provided as part of the partnership between Ramps on the Moon and RTYDS. Sam starts her residency with us in April 2021.

    “I feel incredibly lucky to have this opportunity for the next 18-Months. I am thrilled to start at Contact, to be part of their team and be mentored by Matt Fenton, especially at this exciting time as they open the doors to their new building.”

    - Sam Holley-Horseman

    Sam Holley-Horseman

      “We’re delighted Sam is joining Contact for the next 18 months, and she will make a brilliant addition to our team. Her residency comes at a time when we reopen our building, launch our manifesto of care, and open our Wellcome Trust health research studio in the newly expanded Contact.”

      Matt Fenton Contact Artistic Director and CEO

        ” This is the first time RTYDS has offered an RTYDS 18-Month Residency with Contact, and we are delighted that this residency will also be in partnership with Ramps on the Moon. It is a fitting start to our 2021/22 programme, which will focus on providing opportunities for under-represented freelance directors and theatre-makers who have been disproportionally affected by the pandemic.”

        Sue Emmas, RTYDS Artistic Director

        We can’t wait to get to know Sam better and let you know more about which of our projects she’ll be working closely on. Stay up to date with the latest news and blogs from Contact on our News page here.

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