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3 min read | Written by Ellis Coopey

Now we are officially in the month of Vogue Ball, it’s high time we introduce the judges and learn a little about some of the categories that the performers will be aiming to nail.

Drum roll, please… serving realness and maybe even some side-eye shade from the panel are


  • Cheryl Martin
  • David Hoyle (Divine David)
  • Barry Priest
  • Stuart Bowden

And onto the different categories the performers will be judged on…



Walked with a theme in mind, the key is to really sell the illusion; your props, your music, swagger and look all have to be on point. Next month, Judges will be looking for Atlantis-themed realness, if the walker’s aim is to portray the Queen of the Underworld, or The King of Atlantis, we want to see the judges bowing and curtseying at their majestic realness as they come down that runway. Oh, what a convenient segway…


This is about pulling together your best interpretation of a look that you’ve seen at a fashion runway. It’s all about confidence and poise.


Eyebrows on fleek, cheekbones for days, pearly whites and head high. Even that’s not enough, your outfit and props all need to work and heighten your performance.  It ain’t just about that pretty face, the mission is to sell from head to toe.


This category is about body structure. The judges will be looking for someone who has a well-defined body – broadly split into two categories –

Sex Siren

Participants will do their best to tease and titillate the judges. The key is to bring your props and movement together in such a way that you ooze sex appeal. Some do so by stripping all their clothes off, others do it through erotic dancing, and some combine the two in order to attempt to entice everyone in the room.

Virgin Vogue

These categories are for performers who’ve been walking less than a year, and we’re likely to see some newcomers at next month’s Vogue Ball, new-on-the-scene, House of Noir, formed by Chloe Cousins will be bringing her house and their shade.

That’s just a few of the categories we might see at the ball, and if we’re lucky we might even see the judges demonstrate their skills!

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Sat 29 Feb, 7:00 pm
Manchester Academy 1, Oxford Road M13 9PR

Tickets have now sold out.

For those who managed to grab one of the 900 tickets on sale, we look forward to seeing you there!