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3 min read | Written by Ellis Coopey

Remember that time when I wrote a blog about how your friends are your one, true vogue family? (don’t worry, I’ll throw that link in at the end. I’ve gotcha!). Well, now that you can all talk the talk, it’s time for you to learn how to walk the walk.

When I’m asked what performing vogue is like, I frame my face with my hands and refer people to the music video of Madonna’s 90s hit, Vogue. It’s true that hands are an important element of voguing; but if you want to get real about it, there’s so much more to it. Here are the core components of the vogue form.



Basically this is an exaggerated feminine stroll; isolating those hips and getting them moving side-to-side (Shakira, Shakira). Walk, clear the runway with your hands, swipe the air before you. That’s right, push those hunties aside…

If you do all that, and you shimmy for good measure, then ‘yo’ hips won’t lie’.

@myhouse via GIPHY


To those who want to perfect this move, you’d better get those squats and crunches in soon! This is such a power-combo: you’ve got to get a squatting motion going, balance on the balls of your feet and kick your legs out one by one.

@nowness via GIPHY

Spins and dips

Spins and dips are definitely a crowd-pleaser, everyone is shouting werk when the dancer spins around and drops into a dip. Dips can either be soft, in a controlled, feline manner or dramatic, which relies on high energy and faster movements. When walkers are competing and someone is slayin’ hard, the person that gets slain drops immediately to the floor and falls onto their back. This is called the death drop. On a scale from soft to dramatic, this is hella dramatic!

@poseonfx via GIPHY


Hands all about telling a story and conveying your message to the judges, competitors and the audience. When you get a read on your competitor, you need to spell it out with your hands. Whether twirling, popping, flexing or twisting your hands, it’s about throwing shade and delivering your message as clearly as possible.

@myhouse via GIPHY

So there you go. These are the fundamental elements of voguing. Have a go, and maybe, just maybe, you’ll get a chance to debut your skills at the ball. If you missed our previous blogs and want to learn more, follow these links:

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Sat 29 Feb, 7:00 pm
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