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Embracing Me, is a series of body positivity workshops created by Dasha Foster, a member of The Agency.

Due to the current pandemic, Dasha who is a current member of The Agency, has redeveloped her original idea of body positivity workshops for schools – into an online offer. We asked her to give us a back story of why this topic is important to her, what body positivity is, and what young people will get out of her workshops.


Body positivity is a very important subject for everybody, especially in times like these, when most of us are spending our days inside and are obviously bored out of our minds checking social media every 10 minutes. Social media can have a huge impact on our body image and the way we feel about ourselves. When scrolling through Instagram, we see these perfect people with perfect bodies and can’t help but build an image of what or how our bodies ‘should’ look like.

I created Embracing Me to help young people my age. The aim is for participants to gain an interest in body confidence, learn about the importance of it and express this through a range of art-based activities. I want young people to be able to encourage body positivity with their friends and maybe even feel confident enough to call out body shaming if they see it happening around them. My desire is to help other young people like me realise that just because everyone else looks different, or acts a certain way, they should not feel pressured to change themselves but instead embrace who they are and carry themselves with confidence.

Embracing Me workshop creator Dash holds a pink sign reading 'I love Me. I am ME.'

It’s been a long road to get to where I am with this project due to obvious Covid restrictions, but with the help of Girl Gang, a lot of planning and hard work we have created an interactive workshop video and made really nice packs which include arts materials and everything needed to do the activities in the workshop.

I think the benefits of doing the workshop digitally are that people can partake willingly in their own time and, in a way, make it the start of their own journey to self-love on their own terms. Secondly, the video can also be accessed remotely through the scan of a QR code which makes it easy for the participant to revisit the video if needed.

If you or someone you know would like to take part in Dasha’s project, please email for more information.

I have loved creating this project and I can’t wait to hear what people think about it and to spread the message of body positivity.

About the Agency

Dasha’s project is one funded and led by The Agency. You can find out more about The Agency, a youth enterprise project working in underserved areas, here.