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How can we stay healthy in a rapidly changing world? What are we made of? How do we look after each other, and ourselves?

Here at Contact, we’re shining a light on the health and science issues that are relevant to young people and audiences across our city.

A Space to explore health, science and wellbeing

As part of Contact’s transformation project, we’ve created Space 0. This is a new, multi-use performance space just for these kinds of projects and performances.

From Autumn 2020, this new Wellcome Trust-funded space is be a place to explore health, science and wellbeing creatively.

We’ll shine a light on the health and science issues that are relevant to young people and audiences across our city.

We’ll bring together artists, scientists, people with lived experience of health conditions, and healthcare professionals. They’ll explore how our minds and bodies work, and ask ‘what are we made of?’

What have we done so far?

On 19 September, we hosted artist and academic Ky Syng Tan. Her online performance lecture ‘Be Ill-Disciplined‘ explored neurodiversity and new ways of thinking for the arts world.

We also helped to launch Brian Lobel and Joon Lyn Goh’s project Sex with Cancer. Sex with Cancer is an online dialogue asks ‘What if cancer patients got together to design their own sex shop?’ The artists are creating a live performance in 2021.

LINK UP is a set of digital conversations happening 25-26 November, where four young queer artists will discuss their upcoming works. This includes Mark Croasdale discussing queer wellbeing, and Mandla Rae exploring trauma and healing.

We’ve got much more to tell you soon. Keep an eye out here on our website and on social media!

Funded by the Wellcome Trust.